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Example Newsletters

Here’s are a few examples of free company newsletters built using Nock. Every example below took just minutes to create…

Nock in a Nutshell


Nock is 100% free. No payment details are required to sign up or start using the full product.


Nock is super simple to use. No design or coding experience is needed to build stunning newsletters.


The simple ‘point and click’ editor contains pre-coded newsletter elements that work together instantly.


Once you’ve published your newsletter, it takes seconds to share it by email and on social media.


You can track every newsletter you share to keep tabs on how may people viewed it and how long for.


As well as text and images, you can also include video and audio content within your newsletters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: There’s no catch. We believe that it’s better to get people using the software and giving us honest feedback so we can test and improve the product. There are no plans to charge for Nock in the near future - and even if one day that changes, we’ll still grant free access to our first users (that means you!)

A: No. Email newsletters, in our opinion, have had their day. Nock newsletters are built online, on your own unique URL, so you can include audio, video and other cool stuff. (Plus, they don’t get caught  in spam filters.)

A: As your newsletters are hosted online, they can easily be shared. If you want to share your newsletter by email you can just ping people the link. You can also share your newsletters on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and anywhere else your customers and prospects hang out.

A: Yes. As far as we’re concerned, you can go wild. Build and share as many newsletters as you like.

A: Adding videos to your newsletters is really easy. Just upload the video you want to include to YouTube and then copy and paste the link into your newsletter when prompted.